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ABOUT CLOUDECK 雲台 #2 [ 售罄 ]

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『CLOUDECK 雲台』是一個模糊的概念,模棱兩可般地存在於東西方語言之間。它可能指涉很多事物:它是雲層的頂部,就像通常從飛行器上看到的那樣;它也可能指的是連接和固定相機、望遠鏡或其他光學儀器與其支架的轉向軸部件;或是可以瞭望四面八方的觀景平臺。《ABOUT》是CLOUDECK 計畫的前置作品,透過用重氮工藝印製的藍圖影像,它展示了有關CLOUDECK 的各種意義。

CLOUDECK is an ambiguous combination of Western and Eastern languages, representing various things such as the upper surface of clouds as seen from an aircraft, the axis component that connects cameras or other optical instruments, or a lookout that provides a panoramic view of its surroundings. The work ABOUT is a pre-postion that placed before the CLOUDECK project, it contains blueprints printed in diazotype process, displaying images show different parts about the meaning of CLOUDECK.

Image by Mulu Office
Published by Mulu Office
Under the project CLOUDECK 雲台

2nd edition 1st printing of 15 copies
printed in diazotype process in blue
unbound, 422 x 303 x 2mm
printed in Taipei, 2023-05