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Zhou Junsheng

《Shadow Posts》由Zhou Junsheng 製作、Mulu Office 出版於2022 年。全書以藍色的重氮工 藝印製(藍晒圖),一種具有感光性的照相印刷工藝,會使書中的圖像隨著時間的流逝而慢慢褪 色。該書帶有一個封面頁,在其完全展開後,會像背景一樣顯示在書的內頁背後。透過對調背景 頁和內頁圖像的位置,這本書提供兩個相反的版本,即《樹林在海中》和《海在的樹林裡》,它 們是如同本書的一體兩面,共同展示了同一現實的不同視角。本書透過講述浦島太郎和魍魎的故 事,邀請讀者踏上一趟穿行於光與影、在場與缺席、過去與未來之間的旅程。

Shadow Posts is a book made by Zhou Junsheng and published by muluoffice in 2022. The book contains blue images printed in diazotype, a photographic printing process that reacts to sunlight, which makes the images from the book fades with the passage of time. The book has a cover page, like a background, that can be opened and displayed behind the book while it unfolds. By switching the position of the images on the background and the inside pages, the book represents itself in two reversed versions, Sea in the Forest and Forest in the Sea, which are both sides of the same book that together display different perspectives of the same reality. Through the intriguing story of tamatebako and wangliang, Shadow Posts invites the viewers to have a journey to the boundaries between light and shadow, presence and absence, past and future.

Image & Text by Zhou Junsheng
Published by Mulu Office

1st edition 2nd printing of 100 copies
printed in diazotype & xerography
saddle stitch, 188 x 102 x 5mm
480 x 377 x 4mm with background unfolded
printed in Taipei, 2023-06