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倪瑞宏x 目彔事物

1) 105 x 188mm|《遺物迪斯科》
2) 178 x 250mm|《遺物雜誌|附錄》
3) 216 x 300mm|《遺物雜誌》

藏品提供:N 先生
Ni Jui Hung x Mulu Office

1) 105 x 188mm DISCO RELICS
2) 178 x 250mm RELICS MAGAZINE | ANNEX
3) 216 x 300mm RELICS MAGAZINE

Produce: Ni Jui Hung X Mulu Office
Collection: Mr. N
Documentation: Mulu Office
Drawing: Ni Jui Hung

《遺物雜誌》記錄了神秘藏家N 先生所收藏的紀念禮品,簍空白瓷花瓶、鑲花珐瑯盤、夜 光對杯、琉璃鳥擺飾、雙面熊貓啃竹刺繡、迷你京劇臉譜模型、竹林七賢屏風縮小版、蘭亭 序複製卷軸、金色鑲鑽北京奧運鳥巢鑰匙圈、如意造型的隨身碟……這些物品都是N 先生 在大學任教期間到訪中國各城市的大學交流活動中所獲贈,同時也代表著中國文人對於玩物 的精神追求。【遺物】謂超脫於世物之外,或是古人或逝者留下的物件,或是他人遺失的物 品。《遺物雜誌》由倪瑞宏和目彔事物於2021 與2023 年間共同製作。僅以此書獻給N 先 生和他的家人。

Relics Magazine records the souvenir gifts collected by the mysterious collector Mr. N. Among many other items, there is a hollow-carved white porcelain vase, an inlaid enamel plate, a pair of luminous cups, glaze bird ornament, a double-sided embroidery of panda eating bamboo, mini model of Peking Opera facial masks, gold diamond studded Beijing Olympic Bird's Nest keyrings, Ruyi shape USB disk… These objects were given to Mr N mostly during his university visits to cities in China during his university teaching days, represents the spirit of the Chinese literati's quest for playthings. Seen through this work, “relics”(yiwu) are things beyond objects, things left behind, and/or things that are lost. Relics Magazine was co-created by Ni Jui Hung and Mulu Office between 2021 and 2023. This work is dedicated to Mr. N and his family.