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Darius Ou

Designed by gideon-jamie
Published by Temporary Press, 2023
Printed by Temporary Press
Edition of 500

102 pages, Risograph Printed with a full-colour digital print foldout page
155 × 214mm, comb bound

ISBN 978-981-18-8303-3

limited copies comes with bookmarks made using 3D-printed filament scraps from printing the original CORPUS

CORPUS is a 3D-printed work that takes the form of a single-edition book, conceptualised, designed, and printed by graphic designer Darius Ou. This eponymous publication is a reproduction of that original work — a photocopied, bootleg-like reproduction that is also designed on its own terms.

As a word that means both a dead body and a body of text, CORPUS is a response to the overmentioned “print is dead” catchphrase and questions what this means for non-traditional printing practices like 3D printing. Does “print” here refer to the method or material? Would a 3D-printed book then be considered dead even before it has a chance to live?

This non-3D-printed edition paradoxically imagines the pre-existence or beforelife of CORPUS, which in the author’s words, explores the relationship between materiality and mortality, dimensionality and causality, and the afterlife of the codex.