• P_PAL ISSUE 2 2021-2022

abC – Art Book in China

P_PAL ISSUE 2 2021-2022

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《P_PAL》是由 abC(art book in China)創辦的雜誌。這個有些像顏文字的代號,是留給每一位讀者自定義的填空題。 “P”字頭的命名與書、紙張、印刷、出版有關,"PAL" 則是希望與所有做書人、愛書人成為夥伴朋友。我們將用這本雜誌展開與全球優秀的專業書友們深入對話,解讀他們創作背後的工作方法與觀念思考。這是一本關於藝術書和做書人的雙語雜誌,特別關注大中華地區的藝術自出版面貌。


298 頁
170x240 mm
中 / 英

P_PAL is a magazine founded by abC (art book in China). This somewhat emoticon-like code is a blank space left for each reader's own definition. The use of the letter “P” in the title is related to books, paper, printing, and publishing, while “PAL” represents the aspiration to become friends and partners with all those who are involved in book-making and love books. Through this magazine, we aim to engage in in-depth conversations with outstanding professionals from around the world, interpreting their creative methods and conceptual thoughts. This bilingual magazine focuses on art books and book creators, with a special emphasis on the self-publishing scene in Greater China. 

In this issue of P_PAL, the focus shifts towards a broader community, actively imagining a sense of “collective work and life.” Passing on a glass named “Action” from the hands of “Big Idiot” Matsumoto Hajime, a group of artists, curators, and activists gather in the living room of Xiao Zhou Village in Guangzhou, toasting to the completion of a new space, naturally maintaining a loose yet close collaboration, akin to breathing. Inheriting the community radios of Pirate Radio, they use music as a lifeboat, participating in day-to-day acts of resistance alongside their listeners. 706 Youth Space, built upon the concept of “shared living”, has established a democratic experiment to redefine the boundaries between private and public.

286 pages,
170x240 mm
soft cover
cover in 3 colors
English / Chinese